In its recent Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard, which evaluates global companies for their support of sustainable palm oil, WWF lists Ferrero as number 1 out of 173. With a score of 21.5 out of 22, WWF ranks Ferrero as leading the industry of major global retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and food service companies. Ferrero is especially recognised for its efforts to address the issue of deforestation in tropical areas and for the transparency of its supply chain.

"Only one company, the consumer goods manufacturer Ferrero, has scored over 20 points (out of the maximum 22), sending an encouraging signal to the rest of the industry that sustainable and deforestation-free palm oil is achievable," it stated in a press published by WWF.

Since 2005, Ferrero has considerably invested in the sustainability of its palm oil supply chain, especially in the last five years. Already in 2015, it was one of the first companies to source 100% certified as segregated palm oil. Moving forward, the team recognised the need to support projects which go beyond certification to broaden sustainability standards in the industry.

"We very much appreciate that our efforts are being recognised by WWF, who is a very important stakeholder in driving the sustainability of the whole palm oil sector."

While the business has made significant progress especially in the areas of traceability, Ferrero will continue its investment and remains fully committed to securing a 100% deforestation-free, and exploitation-free palm oil supply chain and to leading the way in industry transformation through active collaboration with NGOs, key stakeholders and suppliers.

Ferrero's excellent result in the WWF Palm Oil Buyer Scorecard is a very important recognition for its efforts in sustainable palm oil and a great encouragement to continue the journey.