new zealand food and beverage

The Government has published its highly welcomed ‘Investor’s Guide to the New Zealand Food and Beverage Industry 2015’.
Even though food and beverage account just for 46 percent of NZ’s exports, the report shows that this percentage can be improved. The country remains the largest exporter of dairy products and lamb in the world, and a major exporter of beef, kiwi-fruit, apples and seafood; other 23 categories are also showing great potential, such as infant formula, mussels, nutritionals, honey, soft drinks, UHT milk and chocolate.
Collectively, in 2014 the sector contributed over $30 billion in exports and generated a revenue of $51 billion. The target set by the Government is to triple the exports over the next 15 years, by encouraging both domestic and international investments.
“Our food companies know the value of innovation, diversification and adding value to their products. The report proves again that the food and beverage sector is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for the New Zealand economy,” said FGC CEO Katherine Rich.