Members of the NZ Food and Grocery Council celebrated World Sandwich Day at their 2017 annual conference in Wellington today by supporting the Eat my Lunch programme.

Chief Executive Katherine Rich said World Sandwich Day was a great opportunity for its delegates at the conference to show further support for the child lunch initiative.

“It’s a fantastic initiative that gives to a child in need a healthy lunch for every lunch we eat at the conference," said Rich.

“In this case, 310 children who might otherwise not have a very healthy lunch, will benefit from what our 310 delegates chose to have for lunch. The lunch consisted of fresh lamb and halloumi pretzel roll, a Greek side salad, cheese and crackers, and chocolate mousse with brownie dessert.

“The food suppliers of New Zealand are proud to support Eat my Lunch as another way of helping ensure children get a healthy lunch at school.

“Sandwiches are among the most honest and transparent foods we eat, many of us every day.

“Bread contains protein, soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, and a good percentage of the whole wheat nutrient. It’s low in saturated fat, very low in cholesterol, and a good source of selenium – an antioxidant that helps to regulate blood pressure and keeps our immune system healthy – as well as manganese, which aids healthy bone structure and bone metabolism.

“World Sandwich day is also a time to celebrate our member companies that bring us this great food source fresh every day – Goodman Fielder, George Weston and Breadcraft.”