Ryan Ward, head of design at Foodstuffs North Island, isn’t sure what purchase got the co-operative in the draw to win the Burns & Ferrall Great Container Kitchen.

“We have around forty projects on at the moment, down from sixty over the last twelve months,” Ward said. “It could have been any number of those.”

However, the announcement of Foodstuffs North Island as a finalist in the Burns & Ferrall Great Container Kitchen Giveaway couldn’t have been better timed. Meal solutions, food on-the-go and a shift to more of a hospitality environment are all part of the plan for New World stores in the future.

“We’ve got some pretty cool developments and innovations at the moment,” Ward said. “New World is about experience and value, which for us means not only price, but things like inspiration and service that comes along with that.”

Should Foodstuffs win the container, they will place it outside their stores and use it as a sampling service, generating brand activation from right out the front of the store.

“We want it to be an inspiration kitchen for our customers,” Ward said. “Imagine walking up to the supermarket and trying a few different meals in a sample offering, then deciding that’s what you want to have for dinner. They can give you a list of ingredients, then you head into the store and shop for them.”

Ward wants the Great Container Kitchen to become an inspiration hub for New World customers, which will tie into the future plans for the New World concept.