Rush Munros organic ice cream

Hastings ice cream brand Rush Munro's has been rushed off its feet after a pitch at Foodstuffs North Island saw the company go through six months' supply of ice cream in just one sitting. The ice cream manufacturer’s pitch was seemingly successful after the sales team offloaded a whopping 34,300 tubs of ice cream. The pitch saw the company release the new range of organic ice cream to the team.

Foodstuffs Antoinette Laird, Head of External Relations said that “Organic ice cream sales growth has previously been slow due to lack of options for consumers, but with more choices now available, including Rush Munro’s organic ice cream, we expect to see sales of organic ice cream increase to similar levels we see in other popular frozen categories.”

With the rise in health-conscious consumers, it is no surprise that shoppers are seeking more healthy and organic products which makes this the perfect timing for Rush Munro's new range. "The timing is right for organic ice cream as consumers are so much more aware of where their food comes from,” said John Bostock, owner of Rush Munro.

Foodstuffs added that organic products are continuing to gain traction as consumers are much more aware of where their food comes from. “They want quality, sustainably-produced and environmentally-friendly food,” said Laird

The supermarket banner group has plans to expand its organic offerings in store to meet the increased demand. “We will always introduce organic ranges whenever possible that fit this consumer demand. A most recent example of this demand is the introduction of frozen organic vegetables.”

Foodstuffs Antoinette Laird went on to add that Rush Munro’s popularity is due to it being one of the oldest ice cream manufacturers in New Zealand. “New Zealanders have grown up with the brand, and while a lot has changed in their lives, the quality of Rush Munro ice cream has not. The brand’s traditional approach to ice cream manufacturing, such as churning small batches, and its 90+ years of methods and philosophy, set it apart in the frozen category.”

As for what consumers can expect to see in the frozen category in the future. “The trends that are driving the frozen category include premiumisation, a greater demand for ethnic food, smaller households seeking out smaller product sizes, “better for you” products, snacking due in large part to fast-paced lives, excitement and indulgence, and more vegetarian and vegan options.”