Organic Certification for Rene’s Kombucha

Rene’s Kombucha stands out in a crowded market, after five years of commercial brewing the kiwi favourite brand has been awarded a full organic certification from Organic Farm NZ for their entire range.

The pro-biotic cultured drink is not carbonated, filtered or pasteurized and therefore utilises the entire spectrum of live beneficial microorganisms present in the Kombucha. The Kombucha provides a natural solution to a range of ailments, most widely recognized is its resolution of digestive issues among consumers. The brand's collection of bottles, kegs and starter kits all abide by the same natural approach to brewing, exemplifying organic integrity and transparency for consumers.

Nestled in an organic pasture in the Kaipara Harbor, this once small kiwi brewery has amassed a loyal and passionate fanbase since first stocking Rene’s Kombucha in July of 2014. Their range holds an appealing floral seasoning, achieved through their incorporation of organic teas such as Tulsi into their brews. Their products are stocked throughout New Zealand in stores such as Farro Fresh and Moore, as well as featuring in cafes and cocktail bars around the country.