Foodstuffs Update on Face Masks In-Store

FOODSTUFFS UPDATE | "Advice from the Ministry of Health makes it mandatory from today for all staff and customers aged 12 years and over must wear masks or face coverings in-store while we are in Alert Level 4. Our advice is #maskupNZ it’s the best way to keep yourself, your family and our teams safe.

Additional advice from government is to take a face covering when you leave home and wear it indoors or if you are unable to socially distance – we think this is great advice for New Zealanders who have already increased their mask wearing habits significantly.

It is a government requirement that our staff and customers wear a face covering while in-store and our teams will be managing this on entry into store. At Alert Level 4 stores are required to manage the number of people in store at any one time so asking customers to wear a face covering on entry will simply be another action they will employ. In order to meet our legal requirements, we will not be able to allow people in-store if they are not wearing a face covering. Should a customer refuse to wear a face covering and not fall within an exemption then we would encourage them to try our online offering."