Foodstuffs North Island launches their Checker of the Year competition.

Checker of the Year is a competition to find the top checkout operator from New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square stores across the North Island.

Checker of the Year has been around since 1948. Back then it was called the “Listing and Adding competition”, and participants used a pencil and paper to tally up the prices.

Nowadays it has moved on to barcode scanners and computer screens… but the competition is still tough!

The very first winner of Checker in 1948 was Edna Harris from Bill Miles' Four Square in Mt Albert, Auckland, and she correctly calculated the total of 12 grocery items in just 31.6 seconds. Edna is joining the competition this year in animated form to help celebrate 70 years of Checker!

There is ten regional Checker of the Year events here, kicking off on June 11. For more information click here.

Check out this piece of Checker history... finalists from 2004's competition included Jon Morrison, who is now the Owner-Operator of PAK'nSAVE Tauriko! Can you spy any other familiar faces?