The brand new, New World Feilding opens its doors at 8.15am Tuesday, June 12, on the corner of Aorangi and Gladstone Streets, with a bit of a celebration and owner-operator Todd Carter, a butcher by trade, just can’t wait to be back behind the butchery serve-over creating delicious fresh cuts for locals.

“My personal favourite is a mouth-watering, perfectly cooked glazed lamb rump,” says Todd, “but I’m so excited about getting into our new butchery with my fantastic team of six butchers plus apprentices and meat packers, and whipping up a selection of fresh favourites for our customers.  We pride ourselves on freshly cut meats, handmade sausages and we’re looking forward to sharing a whole lot of new trends in ready to cook products like stir-fry dishes and warming winter casseroles.”

It’s been a labour of love for Todd and Nicola Carter who have been running a New World just around the corner, at the same time as setting up a brand new supermarket which will feature an improved fresh produce department, light-filled aisles and a new café.  An all-new deli kitchen that will include hot food creations will be unveiled, plus an innovative, fresh bakery with its highly qualified team making all the traditional favourites and more.

“We think that the café will soon become a real hub for the community and make a shopping experience here even more enjoyable.  Our team has been through some pretty rigorous barista training and is keen to get cracking decorating flat-whites with a bit of latte art!” said Nicola Carter.

The new supermarket services a rural community which has cried out for better parking, and their prayers have been answered. The store has better access for drivers – with plenty of dedicated spaces for parents with little ones and drivers or their caregivers with mobility issues.

There’s no news yet on what will happen to the old New World site on Fergusson St but the store will trade up until 5 pm on Sunday, June 10 – with the new store opening at 8.15am on Tuesday.

“We are delighted with the way the new store has turned out – and we know our team will enjoy working in a brand new place with fantastic features for them ‘out the back’ and a bright new store layout for our customers," said Todd Carter.

What doesn’t change is the way Todd, Nicola and their team supports the local community.  “We’ll continue to help out the many schools, community groups and sports teams and clubs we have supported in the past.  All New World stores fundraise for national projects as well such as the Starship Foundation and our awesome Food for Thought programme. The latter has had fantastic feedback from schools – as we’re helping their students and families make better decisions about what they eat and drink.”

New World Feilding is absolutely on board with all other programmes to reduce plastic and waste – there’s a focus on reusable bags with a ban on single-use plastic bags at the checkout coming into effect by the end of 2018, if not sooner.  New World also announced their commitment to the Plastic Packaging Declaration on June 5, and on June 8 (World Oceans Day) they announced a ban on plastic-stemmed cotton buds.

“Come on in Feilding – we’re looking forward to welcoming you,” said Todd Carter.