Our fmcg landscape is spangled with small and medium-sized brands that are struggling to get on shelves, and ISM (an acronym for Innovative Sales and Merchandising) was established nearly five years ago to ‘make a difference’ for them.

The fresh-thinking third-party solution has been growing at a rapid rate ever since, now comprising 43 people. Among the latest additions was Richard Skinner, who joined ISM last year as their customer business manager. Skinner’s 25-year-long career spent with leading brands in the fmcg arena was an ideal fit for the business.

“We want long-serving professionals for our selling and merchandising teams. By employing experienced staff who have a practical approach and work autonomy, we make sure we deliver. Meanwhile, we are also expanding by putting more people on the road and focusing on technology,” said Grant Pemberton, managing director and owner, ISM.

To boost its team’s efficiency, the company has recently invested in sales and automation with Australian software De Data.

“That’s why I set the business out in the first place—to help more people. The principals just want to know what’s happening on shelf, in terms of trade and competitor activity. Having a process that gives you that snapshot without wasting time on spreadsheets, is crucial,” said Pemberton.

Always committed to building strong customer-focused relationships in the FMCG environment, since October last year ISM operates nationwide. “We are dedicated people who want to make a difference for our clients as well as the retailers,” Pemberton said. “We offer a very transparent approach and genuinely try to treat clients as business partners, getting involved with them as much as we can. We want to win because they want to win, and this means that we all win together.”