Fragmentation in media is driving packaging to take a front seat, but too often businesses don’t really understand the true value of getting that right. Building upon their 25 years’ experience with top local and international firms, Andrew Sparrow and Trudy Hunt launched Tried & True just over three years ago, with a vision to help brands stand out on shelves and beyond.

“Nowadays, brands are far more than a logo or piece of packaging. It’s now the way they talk, look, act, interact and react that is part of their appeal,” Hunt said. “First and foremost, companies need to know what makes them unique and why consumers want to purchase them.”

To be able to maximise this potential for growth, Tried & True uses a holistic approach to design, bringing in extended partners who are experts in a variety of other fields, such as web developers, digital animators and writers.

Aside from packaging design, Tried & True specialises in brand strategy, from developing a whole brand identity to identifying those subtle changes that can make a huge difference.

“Being a small agency, we know what’s like to be a startup. We listen to our customers’ needs and know how to build up,” said Sparrow. “What’s even more important, we have a hands-on approach and like to be involved with them, becoming a part of their team rather than a mere piecemeal add-on.”

Operating from its state-of-the-art premises in Parnell, Auckland, Tried & True has been working with Fonterra Export on their packaging redesign and point-of-sale for the Pacific markets, as well as with United Fish Co., which needed a more consumer-focused brand for retail and food service globally. T&T’s mixed portfolio also includes Freshmax, Pernod Ricard and Tegel, to name a few.

“As the entry barriers for NZ brands in international markets have reduced, and the costs of supporting a brand internationally through conventional advertising is prohibitive, creating the right look and feel is more crucial than ever.”