brewtroleum in a petrol pump at a gull service station

Today New Zealand was hit with a fuel tax excise, bringing fuel prices up to 3.5 cents +GST. Alternative fuels have been around for a while, but in the face of the planet’s financial and environmental stress, they’re more vital than ever.

Gull and DB Export are brands that are unexpectedly helping to save the world: they’ve partnered to turn beer waste into a fuel-grade ethanol, killing three birds with one stone: food industry waste, fossil fuel damage, and the economic burden of filling a car.

DB Export Brewtroleum is a biofuel made from the waste products of beer-making. It’s one of two world-changing initiatives the beer brand has launched in recent years as part of its Save the Entire World campaign, the other being Beer Bottle Sand. DB Export recognises the world could use a little help, and is promoting an action-oriented community through their campaign. Aspiring world-changers can submit their ideas here.

Gull Petroleum is a fuel retail chain that spreads across the length of New Zealand. It takes DB Export’s ethanol and turns it into a high-performance, 98-octane biofuel (petrol).

Kiwis have the chance to win biofuel vouchers through DB Export’s Save the Entire World Campaign – they just need to submit a “world-saving” idea to the vouchers – they can also win up to $50,000.

This campaign shows sustainability has mass appeal –the beer-drinkers market segment was once entirely separate to alternative energy users. “We care about our country and we care about fuel,” commented general manager of Gull NZ David Bodger. “With DB Export Brewtroleum we’re helping to reduce waste and the resulting biofuel is cleaner burning with reduced emissions – it’s a win-win.”

The Brewtroleum will only be available at Gull Rosebank East in Auckland, from 8th-12th of October.