Professional boxer Joseph Parker has joined the Eat My Lunch team to make their 1,000,000 Give lunch. The lunch was one of 2,830 GIVE lunches made by the company that was delivered to hungry school children across Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Parker, an ambassador for Eat My Lunch, was joined by Claire Chitman, Jamie McDell, Suzy Cato, Shavaugh Ruakere and others, to celebrate this milestone occasion.

“Being part of Eat My Lunch and making the 1,000,000 lunch is really special. I was surprised to learn how many kids go to school without lunch. It’s great to know we are making a difference giving kiwi kids a lunch, so they can concentrate on learning rather than how hungry they are,” said Joseph Parker.

In just over three years Eat My Lunch has grown from a home business to feeding thousands of kids every day in 91 schools and is on a mission to ensure no Kiwi kid goes to school hungry.

“It’s really fantastic to reach that 1,000,000th Give lunch and we couldn’t have done it without the support of all those great people and companies who buy our lunches, our incredible staff and the hundreds of volunteers who help make our Give lunches,” explained Lisa King, CEO and Founder of Eat My Lunch.

A recent survey conducted by Eat My Lunch asked teachers and principals what the biggest impact of Eat My Lunch was for the children, with the most common response being increased attendance, and a reduction in the shame or stigma children and whanau have when they do come to school without lunch.