Ten years on from the inception of Little Bird Organic’s Vanilla Almond Macaroons, not much has changed. The recipe has stayed true, and each macaroon is still scooped by hand. However, the range has expanded and now includes five delicious flavours. The Good Macaroon Range will consist of Chocolate Coconut, Passionfruit Macadamia, Strawberry White Cacao, Cacao Raspberry and the original Vanilla Almond. The expanded selection in its brand new packaging will hit supermarket shelves on August 1st and looks to celebrate the 10-year milestone properly.

Megan May, founder of Little Bird Organics, said, “Giving our packs a fresh new look that matches up to their deliciousness is something we’ve wanted to do for years. We had a bit of nostalgia with the old packaging as it was such a big part of our beginning, but we are ready to move to a new look that better reflects who we are now.”

These Biogro certified treats are the ultimate indulgence and are made using only real food ingredients and flavour combinations.