Happier Chickens at Sainsbury’s

Sainsburys Chickens are being provided with 20% more living space

Chickens produced for the Sainsbury core ranges will be receiving improved welfare conditions from March 2023. The UK retailer, in conjunction with its poultry supplier, Moy Park,  is increasing chicken living space by 20 percent.

This change hopes to build on Sainsbury's commitment to enhancing animal health and welfare. So customers can purchase Sainsbury chicken in confidence that they have been raised fairly and sustainably.

Sainsbury chickens will be raised with 20 percent more space than the current industry standard. They will be provided with increased stimuli such as more bales, pecking objects and perching platforms, for more freedom. Chicken farmers will undergo behaviour monitoring and welfare tracking processes, to ensure their animal wellbeing.

Sainsbury's aims to provide customers with the same quality chicken, at competitive prices while also improving animal welfare standards.