To celebrate 150 years of their homegrown oats, Harraways have brought out two new birthday inspired flavours - Birthday Berry Bonanza and Chia, Coconut & Cranberry Celebration. Available now from Pak N Save and New World supermarkets, the two new editions also come with free collectables including colour-changing spoons, fridge magnets and a limited edition vintage tin.

As an extra thank you for the support they have received over the years, Harraways also invited customers to their birthday caravan event, situated in Auckland's Elliot Street carpark. The caravan operated 3rd-4th May from 10am-2pm and offered oats and a coffee break on them, as well as games and prizes held by the team.

Also present at the caravan were Dorothy Duffy and Carol Ball, great granddaughters of Henry and Catherine Harraway. While the Harraways business was sold in the 1940s, Duffy and Ball still spoke with pride about the oat company that bore their family name.

"We have a rich history and very proud of it. All the family has photographs hanging on our walls,” said Carol.

While Dorothy very rarely eats porridge these days she does eat museli that she make herself – with, of course, Harraways oats. “I ate porridge every morning as a child and now I’m in my 70s and have no prescriptions,” she said, “so Harraways must be good!”