The countdown is on until SIAL CHINA 2017 – Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition.

3,200 exhibitors from over 67 countries will be showcasing their produce within four of the top product sectors in China in terms of market demand:  meat, dairy, beverage and wine.

In the meat sector, China’s beef importers are expected to grow by 15% in 2017 and China will account for one-quarter of global pork trade.

Demand for quality dairy products has fueled sector growth in China. In 2016 demand for liquid milk grew by 380,000 tons and the 2017 Chinese cheese market is expected to rise to a 5.38 billion industry.

For this first time at SIAL CHINA, non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages will be separated into two zones. In 2015, functional drinks grew at 6.9 percent, and fruit juice grew by 4.4 percent. This trend didn’t detract from China’s wine sector however, as China remains the world’s largest consumer of alcoholic beverages, with its consumption expected to come in at 84.37 billion liters in 2016.

The exhibition is scheduled for 17th-19th May in Shanghai and will draw an estimated 80,000 visitors.

SIAL CHINA is committed to offering an immersive and international experience to exhibitors and professional visitors. For more information about SIAL CHINA, or to register for SIAL CHINA 2017 please go to