Globally recognised brand, Heilala Vanilla has launched a new range of six decadent flavour extracts exclusively with Kickstarter. The new additions will be available to bakers all over the world, along with a number of one-off experiences that supporters can purchase by pledging on the Kickstarter website.

Among the experiences available for purchase, supporters can adopt a vanilla plant, gain a Tongan pen pal or join a four-day tour of the vanilla plant.

The new flavours include a Coffee Vanilla extract, a Berry Vanilla extract, a Cocoa Vanilla extract, a Pumpkin Spice Vanilla extract, a Peppermint Vanilla extract and Oak Aged Vanilla extract.

“Heilala was founded on the importance of community and started by helping out a group of people at a time when they needed it the most. Kickstarter harnesses the power of community, so it felt right to launch our new products exclusively on the platform, allowing us to connect with people who believe in our mission and our work,” said Jennifer Boggiss, CEO and co-founder of Heilala Vanilla. "Kickstarter is our platform of choice to launch this new range of flavoured extracts along with some one-off experiences. Building and uniting a community of Heilala Vanilla lovers around the globe through this campaign is very exciting for our Tauranga based team.”

Through the Kickstarter campaign, Heilala Vanilla hope to raise $80,000 to ensure that the flavoured extracts can be produced in a large enough scale to launch. For more information about Heilala Vanilla’s Kickstarter campaign and to order your own taste of Heilala Vanilla, visit: the Kickstarter campaign page.

Hailala Vanilla was established in 2002 as an aid project when a New Zealand family started a vanilla plantation with a local family in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga.