More than 50 charities and community groups across Auckland will go into the Christmas season with cheer being granted support from a local social enterprise.

“Charities are faced with increasing pressure to meet funding needs, and the longer their projects are delayed, the more the costs are increased,” said Amanda Cassidy, spokesperson for ‘The Trusts’ West Auckland. “In the past, we have provided a range of household items such as smoke alarms and first aid kits for every household in the West Auckland region.”

“This year will be the first time that we have been able to fulfil the funding goals of so many deserving organisations at once,” continued Cassidy. “We believe thousands of people in need will benefit from this expansion of the Million Dollar Mission programme, and we may look to grow the programme in the future.”

The online platform was initially provided to allow Kiwis to vote for their favourite charities and community groups. The Trusts will now provide an additional $600,000 to ensure that the groups who didn’t meet their complete funding needs will be able to follow through with their projects.