How Juice Should Taste

E’stel Orchard Gate Juice has a new look, but is still filled with the taste of the New Zealand Sunshine...and nothing else!

The new re-design from E’stel aligns with their passion of delivering premium quality New Zealand consumables and with sustainably grown fruit. The range is as simple as it gets.

“We’ve kept the name but given it a contemporary facelift, to inject some excitement into a stodgy category,” commented Andrew Strang, founder of E’stel.

100% New Zealand grown fruit, squeezed into a bottle from local family orchards. E’stel Orchard Gate fruit is fully ripened on the tree, giving it plenty of time to develop its full flavour and Nutrient potential.

“We bottle our juice to be an ambient product which gives our juice a 12 month shelf life without compromising the nutritional aspects of the juice”


With three delicious flavours to choose from,  Apple, Apple & Pear, Apple & Feijoa.

How juice should taste.

Available nationwide.