HYPER Ramps up Retail Marketing with New Agency Lead

Indie retail innovation agency HYPER has announced the appointment of Kylie Stafford to lead the company’s retail marketing division.

HYPER CEO Ben Partington said “Kylie’s appointment was really serendipitous for us. One of those rare occasions where someone with the perfect experience, skillset and team fit puts their hand up at exactly the right time. We’ve got huge capability and growth aspirations for our retail marketing division and Kylie is without question the right person to spearhead that effort.”

The retail marketing division of HYPER is the below the line agency of record for a range of the companies, most recognisable CPG’s including Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Lion and Sanitarium.

All companies who are known to push the boundaries of traditional marketing in order to provide customers with unique and immersive brand experiences. This plays well to HYPER’s strengths as a retail innovator.

“I’m really excited to have joined the team. What drew me to the role was the ability to leverage the capability of HYPER’s other strategic business units to help drive innovation and growth for our client partners. With the rate of change the retail industry is experiencing I believe that agencies need a broader toolkit to help CPG’s address the challenges of modern retailing and turn them into opportunities," said Stafford.

The business units Stafford references are a big part of what makes HYPER unique in the retail marketing space. Traditional agency services aside, the business has capability spanning industrial design, CX, software development, technology manufacture, field marketing services and owned retail proximity media networks.

“The ever-expanding capability of the company allows us to solve a range of new problems for our customers that aren’t just communications related," said Stafford.

"This is a totally different conversation which is already resonating well with our CPG customers and retail partners alike."