Ice cream and gelato trends

There is no doubt that the ice cream/gelato aisles are expanding to allow customers to battle heat. As consumers continue to demand more ice cream, and as the range of dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan options rise, there are fewer excuses left to stop one from treating oneself.

If we are to believe that the world is getting progressively warmer, what better excuse than to indulge in ice cream? In the UK, for instance, the heatwave saw handheld ice cream sales skyrocket. In addition to this, the sales of tubs and blocks continue on an upward trend. What differentiates ice creams from one another? Sugar and flavour reign supreme in the ice cream world. The UK saw an increase in demand for single-portion ice cream cups.

Whatever fluctuations other products may see on the global market, ice cream sales continue to rise. More and more ice cream brands are appearing in the frozen category. According to the 2018 Food & Health Survey conducted by the International Food Information Council Foundation, the importance of food sustainability is on the rise. Not only this, but a preference for products that contain no artificial ingredients and the willingness to pay for them has increased. Wholesome dairy and artisanal ice cream continue to gain popularity. Ice cream may be one of the few cases where sugar and dairy do not seem to scare consumers off.

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