0% Heineken Bottle

Heineken has released a new premium, 0.0% alcohol lager offering Kiwi beer-drinkers the opportunity to drink Heineken on more occasions.

The lager looks and tastes like regular Heineken but is twice brewed and fermented with 100 percent natural ingredients before having alcohol gently removed – leaving less than 0.05 percent alc/vol from the natural brewing process.

Heineken 0.0 contributes to a growing cultural trend around the importance of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle by providing consumers with a great tasting choice for occasions where you want to enjoy the taste of a beer, but having alcohol is not appropriate. It is also ideal for non-drinkers looking for something different from the typical alternatives of orange juice or fizzy drink. Heineken 0.0 caters for the health-conscious, offering a lower calorie choice at only 69 calories per bottle.

Research reveals low-alcohol and no-alcohol drinking options are trending through bars around the world. An increasing level of health consciousness, both mental and physical, are credited to a global decline in drinking rates as beer-drinkers are now regularly opting for alcohol-free beer varieties. Predictions indicate that by the year 2020, one in five beers sold will either be light or zero offering.

“Heineken is committed to producing innovative products to meet consumer needs. We have seen phenomenal growth in the Low and No Alcohol category overseas and DB Breweries is proud to supply around 70 percent of the category in New Zealand. We are delighted to offer Kiwis a 0.0% alcohol Heineken product that delivers the premium Heineken taste that consumers know and love,” said Peter Simon, Managing Director, DB Breweries.

Health-conscious Kiwis are part of the global movement, with a recent study of New Zealanders, aged between 22 and 37, finding that they respect those who moderate their drinking – with 66 percent deeming that moderating your drinking is “cool”.

“We have a bold ambition to lead the premium Low and No Alcohol category beer segment and build positive associations around drinking choices – in other words, we want to make no and low alcohol beer as acceptable as any other adult drink option.”