Nutritious Foods Ltd has added another two innovative kumara products, pre-cooked Kumara Fries and Kumara Wedges, to its Sunny Hill brand. The new products are being released into the freezers retail stores, filling the current market gap.

Both Fries and Wedges are made of freshest kumara, lightly battered, par-fried in sunflower oil, packed as standard 680g unit size, and comes in a 12 Kg (14 units) carton.

The Fries are straight cut with skin on, long and beautifully golden when cooked, and naturally sweet.

The Wedges are developed as a completely new product concept. Every piece of wedges is perfectly crafted by hand and, when cooked till golden brown, the crunchy skin and steaming sweet inside makes it a real treat for anyone who likes kumara.

Whether for a family meal or hosting a party, Sunny Hill Kumara Fries and Wedges support today's consumers' life style, and their desire for convenience and nutritional value.

As winter season is settling and day time getting shorter, the release of these new products is at perfect timing. After a busy day, when family members around dinner table are waiting, there is nothing more satisfying than being served quickly with a delicious hot meal of kumara fries and wedges.

NFL offers a range of premium kumara products. Apart from kumara fries and wedges, they also supply other kumara products, like wholemeal kumara white powder and purple powder, instant kumara mash, and kumara snack ships of popular flavour varieties. For more information, contact or phone 09-304 0253.