Pain and Kershaw are one of the oldest retailing businesses in New Zealand with a family of stores providing a huge range of products for all your needs from groceries to clothing and tools.

The Operation and Easi Recycling NZ Solution

With an aim to increase recycling and achieve rebates on waste, Pain and Kershaw installed Easi NZ balers and the Longopac bagging system.

The Result

Waste segregation, improved housekeeping, reduced labour time, 88% of waste produced is now recycled and 84% of that is sold, Longopac bags have increased the capacity by more than double!

What the Client Said...

“We are proud to have implemented such a modern innovation to maximise waste management and recycling efficiency. At the conception of the project, it was all about doing the right thing by our beautiful country. The outcome of generating a revenue stream from our waste is an added bonus.  Our team have fully embraced the opportunity brought to us from Easi Recycling NZ and the results are great!”

- Conor Kershaw, from Pain and Kershaw, Martinborough