Invivo Toasts to Label Design Updates

Innovative Kiwi wine company Invivo & Co are toasting to the eighth vintage of Graham Norton’s Own Wines with a series of bold new updates to the label designs across the range, that now features a Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Shiraz, Prosecco and Rosé Prosecco.

Invivo & Co is on track to produce its 14 millionth bottle of Graham Norton wine since its launch in 2008 and, to mark the milestone, is introducing some updates to its bold and distinctive labels and packaging for vintage 2021.

Including textured paper stock, a new top-curved label shape, a premium foil finish, and caps featuring ‘Graham Norton’ text wrapped around them, the updates all further enhance the premium look and feel of the growing wine collection, which will see a sixth wine join the line-up this summer. The updates to the wine labels also see a shift to align more closely aesthetically with the popular Graham Norton’s Own Spirits range, that currently features two gins, one Irish and one Pink.

Graham Norton’s Own Wines are the most awarded celebrity wine collaboration in recent years, receiving over 200 medals and 90 point ratings globally and are now available in ten countries including New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland and Canada. Graham is a shareholder in Invivo and personally blends the new vintages of the wines with Invivo Cofounders Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron every year.

Key 2021 highlights of Graham Norton’s Own Wine and Spirits range include:

  • Graham Norton’s Own Prosecco is one of the fastest growing Italian Prosecco DOCs in New Zealand and currently in the Top five Proseccos, with +100.89% volume growth in the last 12months*
  • Graham Norton’s Own Prosecco is currently the Number 1 branded Prosecco and Other Sparkling Wine in Ireland, as measured by IWSR
  • Graham Norton’s Own Shiraz has increased +26.56% in value growth over the past quarter*
  • Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc is a Top 10 best seller in the $15-20 price bracket in New Zealand**
  • Graham Norton’s Own Rose is a Top 10 best seller in the $15-20 price bracket in New Zealand **

"We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with Graham. In our first vintage we produced 14,000 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc so to be set to produce our 14 million bottle of wine this year is a huge achievement, and our bold label design has contributed hugely to the success of the brand. The customer instantly recognises the distinctive ‘GN’ lettering on the label on the shelf now, so the updates have really focused on further calling out the ‘GN’ on the label. We have included some on-trend finishes in there too – for example including a premium foil printing finish on the labels, which is nod to the quality, award-winning liquid inside the bottle," said Invivo Cofounder Tim Lightbourne.

Graham Norton’s Own Wine and Spirits range is now available at all major supermarkets and liquor stores throughout New Zealand. Head to for more information.