A brand bursting with innovation; Culley’s still craft the very best in meal enhancing condiments, just with a brand new look.

Culley’s has unveiled a look that signifies its real identity. Bold and unique and still committed to using clean ingredients that are packed with flavour with a pinch of attitude to boot! The new look gives a nod toward the fearless nature of brand while simultaneously building trust in its own maverick fashion.

This is the first in a four-part phasing that will be followed by a series of 3 cuisine-led sub-brands.  Culley’s is home to the core range of hot sauces with a focus on heat levels.  Ranging from 0-10, you’ll find many of Culley’s first creations here; from Smoky Hickory, The Verde Green Chile, all-time best seller; Chipotle right through to Carolina Reaper. The rest of the trophy-clad collection are to be announced and will be accompanied by XXX-Hot Sauces, Powders, Tinctures and Fresh Chilies.

To follow, the brand will be introducing new brand names ‘by Culley’s’ for its cuisine-led BBQ and Mexican products, as well as a household brand ‘by Culley’s’ for our-take on everyday sauces, such as its Tomato Sauces and Burger Sauces.  Applying Culley’s signature bold flavours and maintaining a commitment to Gluten free and Vegan.