In-line with the worldwide consumer trend for food traceability Kapiti Organic Milk is becoming Kapiti Single Farm Organic Milk. According to Kapiti marketing manager Margaret O’Sullivan, this next evolution of Kapiti Organic fresh white milk offers a point of difference satisfying customers’ increasing desire to know much more about where their food comes from.

“Kapiti’s new single source organic milk, available nationwide, comes from a farming family who are passionate about the virtues of organic farming, the Flipp Organic Farm located in the Manawatu meaning it is direct from farm to fridge,” said O’Sullivan.

Organics are going mainstream and it’s not just fruit and veg. In New Zealand, two out of three Kiwis buy organic at least occasionally, equating to a $217 million spend a year. Nearly all the growth in the milk market in the first half of 2015 came from organic milk sales.

Buying decisions are becoming even more complex. Consumers are considering factors such as health and wellness, social impact and safety in addition to the more traditional price, taste and convenience.

Kapiti Single Farm Organic Milk is the next step in quality and taste. By using the finest organic milk and no artificial processes, Kapiti Single Farm Organic Milk delivers Kiwi’s the smoothest, creamiest tasting milk.

“A brand like Kapiti that is able to keep the supply chain simple and transparent is helping consumers navigate these increasingly complex considerations.”