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Hero Condoms, Chemist Warehouse, Vegan-friendly

Hero Condoms, a leading provider of ethical and sustainable contraception, announced its partnership with Chemist Warehouse to make high-quality, socially conscious products accessible to customers across New Zealand.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone for Hero Condoms as it continues its mission to support communities by providing regular, accessible, reliable contraception.

To date, Hero Condoms has donated an impressive 2.35 million condoms globally and is on track to reach three million donated condoms in the near future. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Hero donated 2.2 million condoms to Botswana to help fight the spread of HIV and AIDS, illustrating its dedication to addressing global health challenges and supporting progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

During the pandemic, as the strain on healthcare systems was exacerbated, Hero stepped up its local partnerships, donating over 140,000 condoms to health clinics and service providers to support sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) in Australia.

Backing these socially-driven business principles, Chemist Warehouse has thrown its support behind Hero and other brands that put ethics and sustainability first. The partnership with Hero across 38 stores presents an exciting opportunity for Hero to increase its donations and create lasting change.

Hero Condoms CEO David Wommelsdorff said that the rollout of Hero Condoms across Chemist Warehouse stores in New Zealand would provide customers with an exceptional product that not only supports their sexual health and well-being but also contributes to a larger cause.

“Hero Condoms is dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to health services, and through this partnership, customers will have the opportunity to contribute to this mission as well,” said Wommelsdorff.

He continued that one of the aims of Hero was to support the human right to universal access to health services, as he said that Hero believes health equality was a key lever for reducing inequality overall and achieving sustainable development.

“I am encouraged by the opportunities this partnership brings. We have come a long way, particularly in overcoming the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the support of Chemist Warehouse, we are confident our efforts will positively impact the sexual health and well-being of people across New Zealand.”