Kombucha Inspired Jellies – Deliciously Different

Kiwis, get ready for a taste bud party! The Natural Confectionery Co. is bouncing with excitement to share the exciting news.

This April The Natural Confectionery Co. will add the first ever Kombucha inspired jelly in New Zealand to its much-loved confectionery range.

With no artificial colours, and no artificial flavours, these uniquely delicious lollies with a yummy liquid centre, contain prebiotic fibre, kombucha extract and also contains 25% less sugar*.

Inspired by the global Kombucha trend, these jellies are unlike anything you’ve tried before. With three mouth-watering Kombucha inspired flavours in the mixed bag, including Strawberry Hibiscus, juicy Ginger Peach and the crowd pleaser, Kombucha Original.

“Kombucha has really taken off in New Zealand and its become a very popular drink. We thought, why not unite two great taste sensations to create a fun and unique offer for everyone to enjoy. The first of its kind in the country, we’re excited for Kiwis to experience the deliciously different taste of these game-changing jellies," said Will Papesch for The Natural Confectionery Co.

*25% Less Sugar compared to the average amount of sugar present in leading candy jelly products.