Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 2.12.42 pmCORDON bleu trained chef and lover of food, Mary Biggs, founded Lavender’s Green in 1999 due to an abundance of lemons on her new property. Now stocked in stores throughout New Zealand and Melbourne, Lavender’s Green produces popular preserved lemons, which are grown organically on her Farm in Featherston, Wairarapa. The product is made in small batches for maximum freshness and is gluten-free. “We use organically grown and spray-free lemons, growing our own Meyer lemons chosen for their sweet and tangy flavour” says Mary. The lemons are picked and preserved in salt and smoked paprika, a bay leaf star anise, chilli and cloves are also added to the jar; the lemons are pickled and bottled within three days of coming off the tree. “The Lemons remain firm in the jar, because of the concentration of salt in the brine and the quality of lemons used. Their colour (being Meyer Lemons and the smoked paprika) are vibrant and attractive on the shelf” explains Mary. 2015 is a year of expansion for Lavender’s Green, with Mary looking to expand her grocery distribution both in New Zealand and Australia.

“The difficulty for artisan producers is that consumers are frightened by the price.  Artisan products, by their nature, are usually handmade and therefore more expensive than standard, mass produced products. If supermarkets want to run with artisan products and be authentic about it, they need to treat these products with real care.”
Lavender’s Green offers a 330g jar of preserved lemons, ideal for cooking and baking.
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