Local EarthSmart Initiatives for Plastic Free July

In Plastic Free July, as the world looks to reduce the impact of plastic waste, the EarthSmart brand is proudly progressing more local initiatives.

EarthSmart 360 toilet tissue gets a re-vamp of its industry-leading recyclable paper packaging, continuing its 36 percent growth trajectory towards becoming a $4M New Zealand brand.

EarthSmart aqua wipes have a fresh new look with their plastic-free wipes and Pure NZ water, making their on-shelf debut ahead of the baby show in August.

EarthSmart facial tissues hit New Zealand Supermarket shelves in July with soft tissues and packaging that features tissue elevators, negating the need for plastic dispensing sleeves.

As a foundation sponsor of Soft Plastic Recycling, EarthSmart are delivering just over 100 Future Posts to support fencing of a local waterway in July. The waterway is a small stream in a farm catchment behind Maraetai beach, fencing of which will help protect the stream and some established bush from stock and pests.  As farm manager, Greg explained, “It’s only a small creek, but any help we get with fencing and protecting these resources can only be good – especially since the plastic could otherwise have ended up as waste in landfill or litter in our ocean… something we’re pretty protective of in Maraetai.” 

Each Future Post is Bio Gro certified and made in Waiuku from about 1,500 pieces of recycled soft plastic, including bread bags, chip packets and toilet tissue packaging.

For more information, email malcolm@cottonsoft.co.nz. EarthSmart is a registered brand of Cottonsoft NZ.