Health and safety is a challenging aspect of any work environment, but the grocery industry is making relevant progress in eliminating risks across its supply chain, said Alison Barrass, chief executive of Griffins Foods, in the latest FGC Leaders Series video.

A cultural change needs to take place, Barrass said; to get rid of safety hazards, companies have to rethink the way stock is moved about, which obviously requires a substantial investment.
“There’s still work to be done, but what we are starting to see is a real move towards smaller cartons, to shelf-ready shippers where product is much more easily merchandised and easily handled,” Barrass said. “I think increasingly what you’re going to see is a movement of cost into the supply chain in order to improve the handling of product and eliminate risk, and I think that’s something that all suppliers within the industry are going to have to deal with moving forward.”

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