A Thank You To Supporters

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for supporting us with the Elim Church Christmas Charity Box for 2018. Your contributions were very much appreciated, and the recipients enjoyed receiving the gift hampers.

"For me, I felt very proud of the industry that I work in and the generous nature of the businesses within it. So many people went out of their way to help and didn't ask for anything in return, they just wanted to help. A big thank you to our clients who worked with us to make this happen", said Felicity Flack, senior account manager SupermarketNews magazine.

Filled with both pantry and Christmas essentials, there was enough food in a hamper for a week for each family.

"It was a humbling experience for me to be involved. When I walked into the hall and saw all of the volunteers and the fantastic products getting assembled into hampers by volunteers I was reduced to tears", said Caroline Boe, senior account manager for Restaurant & Cafe magazine.

"The 750 families who had been affected by grief, crime or poverty were given these very comprehensive sensitively selected food hampers, and I knew that we had all made a huge difference to their lives that day. I was approached by the Panmure Fire Chief who had been allocated 30 hampers for people in his area, and he said he was so proud and excited to be giving these 30 families the most impressive hamper he had ever seen done by a charity."

Review Publishing will work with Elim to source products for the 2019 Christmas hampers, and we hope you will all join us in supplying products for this great cause again.