An Explosive Social Experiement

Harmony Banger

Harmony New Zealand has teamed up with Culley’s to release a limited edition, free-range pork sausage to highlight the importance of choosing locally sourced meat from New Zealand farms, free from unpleasant surprises that can be found in international meats.

To demonstrate how hard it is to spot unpleasant meat from international sources, Harmony New Zealand and Culley’s have infused one of the free-range pork sausages with an estimated 1M+ Scoville chilli rating.

The plot twist is that consumers won’t know which sausage in The Harmony Banger pack is extremely hot.

This social experiment is not for the faint-hearted and comes with a risk warning. For those brave enough to purchase The Harmony Banger who are up for the challenge, the sausages are available for a limited time at Foodstuffs supermarkets and through

Harmony New Zealand proudly supports I Am Hope’s free counselling service, Gumboot Friday. Thanks to participation in its social experiment, Harmony New Zealand will donate NZ$1 from every pack sold to support young people across Aotearoa and mental health in our farming communities.