The FMCG industry is still facing a drain of talent as skilled people are attracted overseas, especially to Australia and China.
“A lot of the big marketing budgets are being sent up to those regions, and it’s creating a real talent gap for us,” said Hamish Marr and Kevin O’Shannessey of Synergy Consumer in the latest FCG Leaders Series video. According to Marr, companies should not be afraid to send their best marketers to centres of excellence around the world, allowing them to extend their networks and bring fresh ideas back to New Zealand.
“Too often in the last 10 years I’ve seen super-talented people whose career is nearly stunted because they’ve been promoted too quickly,” said O’Shannessey. “You shouldn’t be afraid to add maybe another 12 months to two years on to your goals for each role and hang in there and do a really good job. Don’t go for the short-term wins; think medium-to-long-term and really challenge yourself strategically.”