Devonport New World is undergoing an all-encompassing facelift, getting upgraded service counters for deli, seafood and meat, as well as a new fresh food aisle, bakery and energy-efficient hot food cabinet. According to store’s owner-operator John Ashton, the focus will be on freshness. Among the innovative features being introduced is NZ first ‘green’ CO2 refrigeration system. Ceiling, floor tiles and signage will also be replaced.
Due to the installation of new ovens, revamp work on the bakery is set to take at least four months, during which the service will not be provided. The refurbishment will also involve the checkouts, customer service desk and Lotto counter, while the wine aisle is going to get a new layout.
“It all adds up to a lot of work to be done over the next four months, but we will do everything in our power to ensure it’s a smooth transition for both our customers and our staff,” said Ashton.
Completion is expected in December 2016.