Foodstuffs is taking a stand against childhood obesity by supporting the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan. The company has pledged to focus on four key areas: reformulating private label products; providing education on diet, nutrition and physical activity through the Food for Thought Charitable Trust; completing the rollout of the Health Star Ratings across its private label portfolio; ensuring all marketing activities comply with the relevant ASA Codes and Code of Advertising to Children.

“We have committed to reformulate our private label products so that by the end of 2018 the sugar and sodium content will be reduced by 10 percent and saturated fat content continues to be reduced across the range,” said Steve Anderson, managing director of Foodstuffs (NZ). The company will also give careful consideration to the levels of these nutrients in new private label products, having created a new Supplier Award specifically designed to recognise suppliers’ commitment to change in this area.

As for the Food for Thought initiative, the community-based programme has now reached over 110,000 children since it was launched in 2007. Lastly, Foodstuffs has confirmed its support of the Health Star Rating scheme. “To date, we have 40 percent of the brand’s 1,500 products carrying HSR, and we are now committed to completing the rollout to the entire portfolio by the end of 2018."