Each week, two thirds of New Zealand’s online population access digital content via their smartphone and 3.1 million Kiwis spend the equivalent of two working days online, a recent research from Nielsen has revealed. The report also found that nine in ten New Zealanders use social media.
“Smartphones have become a dominant player in providing brands with a tool to deliver online content and experiences to highly targeted audiences at highly targeted intentional times,” said Nielsen NZ Research Director, Tony Boyte.

Around 70 percent of NZ’s population own a mobile device, either a smartphone (64 percent) or a tablet (33 percent), with over 25 percent owning both. Laptops and notebooks are still used by 67 percent of all consumers surveyed.
“With so many touch points out there, the opportunities [for marketers] are growing. What’s more, the mobility of these devices facilitates online media access across a range of locations and situations, providing brands an opportunity to engage with consumers at the right time, in the right place and with the right message,” said Boyte.
Kiwis are also turning to internet TV due to the convenience factor (53 percent of NZ online users).