Meadow Fresh has decided to make things the good, old-fashioned way by introducing a new permeate-free milk that’s less processed and extremely rich in calcium and protein—more like the milk our grandparents would have enjoyed.

While permeate is usually removed and then added back in during processing to obtain a standard product throughout the year, Meadow Fresh is no longer using permeate to standardise the milk. As a result, the brand can produce a rich and creamy dairy product, with high levels of protein and calcium. Additionally, the milk has a new bottle, semi-opaque and with a handy measuring guide on the side.

“Protein and calcium are naturally occurring in all milk, but levels fluctuate with seasonal conditions on the dairy farm,” said marketing manager Katherine Jensen. “Our new Meadow Fresh milk will reflect these seasonal variations, but will always be higher than the minimum required standard for protein. In fact, throughout the year we will have on average 25 percent more protein in our Meadow Fresh Original milk than the minimum required levels.”

The launch involves the entire range of blue, light blue and trim, and marks a change in direction for the Meadow Fresh brand, as part of its ongoing commitment to producing natural, wholesome and nutritious foods. Despite higher production costs, the milk will continue to retail at the same price point. For more information, visit