An off-the-shelf photo recognition revolution is taking the world by storm, and all you need for it to perform is a smartphone.
NZ-owned Insightful.Mobi and Trax Image Recognition have teamed up to deliver a cloud-based, sales and field merchandising tool offering for consumer packaged goods manufacturers in New Zealand.

Specifically developed for the consumer goods market, Trax’s innovative technology allows CPGs to perform shelf and executional compliance monitoring by simply snapping a photo when in store, Within 15 minutes, representatives will receive extensive data back to their own mobile device, providing them with insights like share of shelf, distribution analysis, shelf standards, planogram, pricing and promotional compliance, competitive activity and category insights. Besides the supermarket sector, the tool also appeals to pharmacies, small supermarkets, dairies and liquor stores.

“This partnership will allow our customers to dramatically enhance productivity and efficiency for field sales staff as well as capture valuable insights and intelligence from the store shelf,” said Paul Miller, CEO at Insightful.Mobi. “It’s not just about the tool. It’s also about the sales people evolving, having this type of technology helps obtain relevant information in a quick, fast, effective way to influence key decision makers at store level. We want the sales teams to be making orders, not just taking orders.”

The algorithms in use are even able to recognise reflective packaging and near identical products, instantly identifying what their share of shelf and shelf position are for example.
The report then goes back to the head office, helping them keep track of their actual presence on the shelves. Even supermarkets themselves would love to know this information, to be aware of what’s happening across different outlets, because it ultimately benefits the profitability of the store,” said Miller.
A leader in image recognition for retail, Singapore-based Trax is already active in 52 countries and works with over 175 clients worldwide, including giants like Nestle, Coca-Cola and Heineken.