Packaging Blurring The Lines Between Dessert, Snacking, and Breakfast

OnFire Design, Hubbards

OnFire Design has helped the team at Hubbards create brand-new packaging for its latest Very Fancy Granola. Hubbards has combined their crunchy granola with dessert-worthy ingredients and recipes, which has resulted in three decadent, oven-baked, chocolate-infused granolas.

Elevating the breakfast experience, the Very Fancy Granola combines the rich and flavoursome elements of desserts with Hubbard's crunchy granola through dark milk chocolate, replacing the beige used in the brand's core range.

The team at OnFire were briefed to create packaging for the Very Fancy Granola range that blurred the line between desserts, snacking, and breakfast while retaining core sub-brand sub-brand assets and ingredients. The purpose of the packaging was to communicate to customers the flavour sensation and indulgent experience they would have when enjoying each flavour combination.

The straight rectangle flavour stickers have been softened, forming organic shapes referencing soft milk chocolate ingredients, and the flavour illustrations are in maximalist style, referencing the lush and decadent nature of the granola.

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