Registered nutritionist Nikki Hart has released the third video in a four-part series on healthy eating, entitled ‘Smarter Shopping’ and commissioned by the NZ Food and Grocery Council.
In the video, Hart advises consumers to have a plan every time they go shopping for groceries. According to the nutritionist, a supermarket shopping list helps saving money, ensure variety and limits the purchase of treats.
‘Smarter Shopping’ also provides useful tips on how to read labels in order to compare products, starting with the Health Star Rating and the Heart Foundation Tick programmes.
“They will help shoppers compare products as healthier within a category, based on them containing less energy, less unhealthy fats, less salt, less sugar or more fibre or calcium,” said Hart.
Another easy trick to find the most healthful foods in supermarkets is shopping around the perimeter of a store, because it’s where food in its whole form is located.
In addition to this video, the series so far includes ‘Energy Balance & the Complexity of Obesity’, focusing on energy gaps as a way to prevent weight gain, and ‘Snacks vs Treats’, stressing the importance of a balanced diet.