According to Australian radio station SBS Punjabi, some Indian food imports sold in Aussie stores contain chemicals that don’t meet Australia and New Zealand’s food standards. The products—a Kohinoor brand basmati rice containing banned insecticide Buprofezin, and popular Indian spice brand MDH—are available in New Zealand through online stores and some supermarkets.

NZ Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) said it would look into the alleged breach, while both supermarket chains pointed out they had not received any notifications from food safety authorities. Additionally, the levels of residue mentioned for the Kohinoor rice products are ‘well below’ those set in New Zealand’s food safety regulations.

New Zealanders don’t need to worry.

“We understand the product on our shelves falls within the Ministry for Primary Industries food safety requirements,” said spokeswoman Antoinette Laird on behalf of Foodstuffs. “We will continue to monitor this with our supplier and MPI and will act accordingly if the situation should change.”