Whitestone Cheese scored high at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin USA, achieving an unprecedented result for a NZ dairy company on the world cheese stage.
This year, the contest saw a record 2,948 submissions from all over the globe. Of all 10 products Whitestone had entered, seven achieved scores higher than 97 percent, with the top three being Lindis Pass Camembert, Manuka Smoked Butter and Vintage Windsor Blue. The latter has also received the only silver medal awarded in its ‘blue veined cheeses’ category. Lindis Pass Camembert, however, was the brand’s strongest product; recently launched and made with an original recipe merging historic and traditional curd ladling techniques, the cheese was given a 98.95 score.
“This recognition is a salute to our North Otago alpine water fed pastures combined with well managed local dairy herds, which produce fantastic milk to work with,” said the company in a statement. “Recipes respecting the heritage of artisan cheesemaking techniques have been key to achieving such fantastic results, something all our local team and country can be proud of.”