Foodstuffs NZ sustainability manager, Mike Sammons

New Zealand supermarkets lead the way in environmental sustainability. Countdown’s work in increasing energy efficiency and reducing its carbon emissions earned the company a Green Ribbon Award in the Resilience to Climate Change category, while Foodstuffs world-first recyclable butchery trays were named as this year’s top waste minimisation initiative.
Countdown was recognised for its 26 percent reduction in carbon emissions per square metre of shop space, achieved through LED lighting and energy efficient refrigeration systems.
“As a supermarket business with 184 stores nationwide, Countdown touches many people’s lives. Doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and operate sustainably within New Zealand’s communities is something our team is passionate about,” said James Walker, general manager of corporate affairs, Countdown. Run by the Ministry for the Environment, the awards also saw Countdown’s Food Rescue programme as a finalist in the Minimising Our Waste category.
As for Foodstuffs’ kerbside-recyclable trays, they are made of 50 percent recycled plastic and, by the end of July, they will be used at all NW and Pak’nSave throughout the country.
“It was a massive challenge finding a cost-efficient, functional, sustainable solution. But we also knew the eventual pay-off would be worth it, in terms of environmental benefits,” said Mike Sammons, sustainability manager, Foodstuffs NZ.