What Chocolate Gift Tops The List For Father’s Day

Foodstuffs, Matt Lowe, Favourites

Life, according to one famous movie quote, is like a box of chocolates, and for a fast-approaching Father's Day, many dads up and down the country will be getting chocolate come Sunday, the 3rd of September, but which one?

As one of the nation's most popular go-to gifts for dad, which chocolate variety is the most favoured by the sons and daughters of New Zealand?

Foodstuffs, part of New World, PAK'nSAVE and Four Square supermarkets looked through past sales data over several years in the lead-up to Father's Day and determined which chocolate will likely come up trumps this year.

The nation's favourite Father's Day chocolate is the Cadbury Kiwi Favourites, particularly the larger 560-gram variety being the most popular. Sales of these little wrapped treats increased by 725 percent in the week leading up to Father's Day last year.

The next most popular is the smaller Cadbury Kiwi Favourites 265-gram version, tied for second with Nestlé Scorched Almonds, with sales of these chocolates rising by around 200 percent in the week leading up to Father's Day.

Foodstuffs North Island Head of Non-Food and Confectionery, Matt Lowe, said there are a few reasons why Cadbury Kiwi Favourites top the list, and one may not be so altruistic.

"The main reason it's a popular choice for Father's Day is probably because gift givers are hedging their bets that at least a couple of chocolates inside will be liked by dad. The second reason is probably to do with the fact that they can be easily shared, and who knows, maybe they buy the bigger version hoping they'll be able to get in on the action," said Lowe.

Foodstuffs regularly analyse sales information to ensure that what customers seek can be found on shelves. Lowe said the most popular chocolates for Dad are consistent each year.

"We looked over the last several years of sales information which consistently come up with these brands, so we know the trend will likely continue into this year too. There are new flavours and trends in chocolate popping up all the time, like the return of Cadbury Caramilk a few years ago or Whittaker's new releases."

Lowe continued that it was important for children not to forget about dad on Father's Day.

"If you're grabbing a chocolate gift, perhaps pick up a bigger version so you can get some too."

Top five most popular chocolate gifts bought by customers for Father's Day include:
1. Cadbury Kiwi Favourites 560 gram
2. Cadbury Favourites 260 gram (2=)
2. Nestle Scorched Almonds (2=)
4. Cadbury Roses 225 gram
5. Cadbury Fruit and Nut 310 gram