Popular food brand 'I Love' is headed for the breakfast aisle with the launch of its range of breakfast cereals. I Love Breakfast is the newest brand from the creators of the popular gourmet pies, I Love Pies, and I Love Baking cookies.

The I Love Breakfast range has something for everyone in the family. It includes three types of granola, and two fun cereals for children.

"Wholesome and natural ingredients in the granolas include wholegrain oats, crunchy seeds, toasted almonds and Kamahi honey," said co-founder Maree Glading. "We took inspiration from our mums' granola recipe to inspire the ingredients we used."

The three granola flavours are Raspberry & Almond, Apricot & Linseed and Coconut & Macadamia. "They come in recyclable glass jars, a conscious packaging decision. Even better, the jars can easily be reused for storing dried food or even craft supplies."

Two varieties of cereal that will have the kids running to the breakfast table complete the range. Neither cereal contain any refined sugar, and twenty percent of the sweetness comes from date puree. Honey Rainbow Crunch is puffed rice and buckwheat. Cocoa Magic Crunch has the delicious combination of cocoa, puffed rice and buckwheat.