Master Millkshakes 3   Auckland café owner Matthew Fitzgerald launched Master Milkshakes in mid 2014, a retro line of milkshake syrups inspired by the popularity of the shakes he creates at Fred’s, his café in Auckland. The brand’s tagline is “milkshakes for grown-ups” and the syrups come in four unique Kiwi flavours – Cherry Vanilla, Apple Pie, Choccy Fish and Earl Grey – all made from natural ingredients including real fruit and spices. The syrups are manufactured in Wellington, using a natural pasteurisation process, as opposed to using preservatives. With no previous food manufacturing experience, Fitzgerald says it has been a steep learning curve.

Master MillkshakesMaster Milkshakes have just added to their syrup offering, with the launch of Strawberry Tart in January.

“I believe it’s partly down to awareness. People are becoming more aware of what goes into a product, both manufacturing practises and ingredients. Also, kiwis are becoming more adventurous with what we eat. It’s an exciting time for artisan products.

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