mexucrazy 2 Alejandro Lozano’s travelled from Mexico to New Zealand in 2003 carrying only a few bottles of his family’s chilli sauce. His Great Grandmother, Conchita, had started making chilli sauce in 1888 and Alejandro has carried on the tradition, as his grandmother and mother had done.

The family recipe, which has been conserved and developed, is used to spice and invigorate Mexican dishes with unique and distinct flavours. Alejandro has refined and developed the recipes over time and now has a unique range artisanal tropical and gourmet Habanero chilli sauces”. Unlike other chilli sauces, Alejandro imports his chillies from Mexico and uses only wine and honey for preserving; as a result, his sauces have a shelf life of over 10 years. “Many chilli sauces use vinegar and water, leaving them runny. My sauces are thick and can be used in many different ways,” he says.

mexucrazyAlejandro’s focus in on flavour rather than heat, he uses only fresh and natural ingredients in his recipes, cooking batches and bottling sauces by hand means he has control over taste, texture and consistency. “I am always testing new flavours and recipes in my kitchen. Usually the inspiration comes when I find a new ingredient that would be interesting to work with,” Alejandro says. The Mex U Crazy chilli sauce range includes a mix of ‘mild’ to ‘extra super hot’ sauces, each bottle clearly states the level of heat found in each bottle. Alejandro and his wife, Jenny, market and sell Mex U Crazy chilli sauces at Auckland markets, the unique flavours of their sauces ensure that there is something for everyone, no matter what your chilli heat tolerance level might be.

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